Collections Framework

Collections Framework –
                 Within the java.util package, there is a hierarchy of some interfaces classes enclosed within the framework for managing manipulating and accessing the groups of objects.
                 There is a figure :

                 Collections Framework was not present before J2SE 1.2. Collections Framework was added within this J2SE 1.2. Collections Framework is designed for solve the situations which many developer face in data manipulating.
                 Java Collections Framework is similar to the Standard Template Library (STL) of C++.   

                Collections Framework use the Autoboxing and unboxing technique for storing the primitive data types. References of object is used within the collection, not primitive data value

There are mainly six interfaces with in the Collections Framework 
1.    Collection Interface
2.    List Interface
Set Interface
SortedSet Interface 
5.    Map Interface
6.    SortedMap Interface 

There are some other interfaces which fulfills the data structure concepts.
  1.  Queue Interface
  2.  Deque Interface 
  3. Comprator Interface
  4. Enumeration Interface  
  5. Iterator Interface
  6. ListIterator Interface 
  7. Map.Entry Interface 
  8. NavigableSet Interface