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Dec 24, 2010

Creational Patterns : Factory pattern

Creational Patterns : factory pattern in Java:-

Factory pattern is comes under the creational pattern. In the Factory pattern, There is a class which manage the creation of object according to the situation is called factory.
    There is an example which describe the Factory pattern.

public class course {
   private int courseCode;
   private String CourseName;

   public int getCourseCode() {
       return courseCode;

   public void setCourseCode(int courseCode) {
       this.courseCode = courseCode;

   public String getCourseName() {
       return CourseName;

   public void setCourseName(String courseName) {
       CourseName = courseName;

public class Java extends course {
   // some code here

public class Php extends course {
   // some code here

public class CourseFactory {
   public course getCourse(String courseName) {
       if (courseName.equals("Java")) {
           return new Java();
       } else if (courseName.equals("Php")) {
           return new Php();
       } else {
           return null;
   public static void main(String[] args) {
       CourseFactory courseFactory = new CourseFactory();

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