What are Boxing, Autoboxing and Auto-Unboxing in java example

Boxing :- Convert primitive data to its wrapper class object.
   Example :- char to Charactor
              int to Integer
              boolean to Boolean
              float to Float
          double to Double;

Unboxing :- Java primitive type  to its wrappers class:
   Example :-     Boolean to boolean
         Byte to byte,
        Character to char,
                Double to double,
                Float to float,
        Long to long,
                Integer to int,

public abstract class Test {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
        boolean b = true;
        //Explicit Boxing
        Boolean b1 = new Boolean(b);
        //Explicit Unboxing
        boolean b2 = b1.booleanValue(); 
        // Automatic Boxing
        b1 = b; 
        //Automatic Unboxing
        b2 = b1;
        int i = 50;
        //    Explicit Boxing
        Integer i1 = new Integer(i); 
        //    Explicit Unboxing
        int j = i1.intValue();       
        // Automatic Boxing
        i1 = i;   
        //    Automatic Unboxing
        j = i1;       

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