is actionservlet thread safe

ActionServlet is controller in Model View Controller design pattern for web applications.

ActionServlet is not thread safe
There is only a method named getRequestProcessor is synchronized.

Code of this method is below :-

* <p>Look up and return the {@link RequestProcessor} responsible for the
* specified module, creating a new one if necessary.</p>
* @param config The module configuration for which to
* acquire and return a RequestProcessor.
* @exception ServletException if we cannot instantiate a RequestProcessor
* instance
* @since Struts 1.1
protected synchronized RequestProcessor getRequestProcessor(ModuleConfig config)
throws ServletException {

// :FIXME: Document UnavailableException?

RequestProcessor processor = this.getProcessorForModule(config);

if (processor == null) {
try {
processor =
(RequestProcessor) RequestUtils.applicationInstance(

} catch (Exception e) {
throw new UnavailableException(
"Cannot initialize RequestProcessor of class "
+ config.getControllerConfig().getProcessorClass()
+ ": "
+ e);

processor.init(this, config);

String key = Globals.REQUEST_PROCESSOR_KEY + config.getPrefix();
getServletContext().setAttribute(key, processor);


return (processor);


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