Statement Prepared Statement Callable Statement

Statement, Prepared Statement, Callable Statement -

Statement – 
Statement is the java interfaces under java.sql package. This object is used for executing the SQL Query with the execute methods.
    There the three manner to execute the queries.
1)execute() - execute method are used for execute DML queries.
2)executeBatch() - This method is used for executing many queries at a time. For using this method first add the queries in addBatch() method.
3)executeQuery() - This method is used for select the data from database. This method return ResultSet of database.
4)executeUpdate() - This method is used for update records with in the database.

Prepared Statement –
    Prepared Statement is used for executing the queries with parameter. Any query is compiled and stored in PreparedStatement object at first time.
     PreparedStatement is used for a situation where you want to execute one query with in a loop.

    PreparedStatement pstmt = con.prepareStatement("SELECT NAME FROM STUDENT WHERE name= ?");
   pstmt.setString(1, “Rohan”);
Callable Statement -
CallableStatement object is used for call the stored procedure of database.
CallableStatement cstmt = null;
try {
   String SQLQuery = "{call getStdSubject(?, ?)}";
   cstmt = conn.prepareCall (SQLQuery);
   //code will come here
catch (SQLException e) {
   //code will come here
finally {
   //code will come here

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