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Comparable vs. Comparator in java

Comparable vs. Comparator
Comprable interface is used for natural ordering of any object.
Comprable interface is the part of lava.lang package.
Suppose you have a class named Car had have attribute name carName and engPower and want to ordering according to carName.
Car class must implements Comparable interface.
class Car implements Comparable{
private String carName;

public String getCarName() {
return carName;

public void setCarName(String carName) {
this.carName = carName;
// sort for car name
public int compareTo(Object obj) {
Car car = (Car)obj;

/*If you want to desc order*/
//return car.carName.compareTo(this.carName);

/*If you want to asc order*/
return this.carName.compareTo(car.carName);

public class Test {
public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
Car car1 = new Car();
Car car2 = new Car();
Car car3 = new Car();

List list = new …

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