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Iterator Interface

Iterator Interface -
    Iterator Interface is used for retrieve the elements over the collection.
Iterator Interface is similar to Enumeration Interface. Iterator Interface has one method extra for remove the elements from collection.

Iterator Interface has three methods.

boolean hasNext() -

          This method is used for just check the presence of elements within the collection. If collection has elements, it returns true otherwise returns false.

E next() -
    This method is used to retrieve the view of element from the collection.     

void remove() -
    This method is used to delete elements from the collection which lastly return by the iterator.

Enumeration Interface

Enumeration Interface -
    Enumeration interface used for retrieve the elements one by one from collection.
    It makes a read only copy of objects and puts in enumeration. You can retrieve elements only.
    Enumeration interface has two methods only.

boolean hasMoreElements() -
         This method is used to ensure that enumeration has elements or not. It return true if enumeration has elements otherwise return false.

E nextElement() -
    This method is used for retrieve the elements from enumeration. It throws NoSuchElementException if there is no element in enumeration.

There are some classes which implements enumeration Interface.

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