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Array concept

Array in Java  -

Array is a container where we can put the objects or values of same data type. Size of this container will be predefined and fixed length. It means when you will make the object of array then defines the length of array.
Now I am trying to explain in image.

In this figure, there is a array container with fixed 10 length. There is a value stored at 3 index in this array container. In the java context, We are writing a java program to know how value stored in java programming.
java in array Example :
public class ArrayExample{   public static void main(String[] args) {       // this is a array container of int data type.       int []array = null;       // Now fixed the length of this array container array = new int[10];       //Now i have put the value in array at 3rd index. array[3] = 3;       // now i am printing the value of 3rd index.       System.out.println("3rd index value : "+array[3]);   } } The output of this program will be 3rd index value : 3
If you w…

JSP Directives

JSP Directives -
    JSP Directives is very powerful components in the Jsp. In this page you will learn about JSP Directives. JSP Directives are responsible for giving the special information about the jsp to the Jsp container.
Jsp Directives tag syntax is :
<%@ directive  attribute=”Value” %>
JSP has three type of jps Directives tag.
page Directive :
page Directive is used for manipulating the behaviour of the jsp page. Jsp page can be import the java file through the import attribute. If isErrorPage attribute will be true then jsp will work as a error page. There are list of attribute of page directive. autoFlushbuffer    contentTypeerrorPageextendsimportinfoisErrorPageisThreadSafelanguagepageEncodingsession
autoFlush Attribute :-
autoFlush Attribute is used to flush the jsp page when buffer size is overflows. By-default the value of autoFlush attribute is true. If you will set value as false. It will throw exception in case buffer size will be increase.

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